fade-leftfade-rightThe SCT Professional Development Program

Summary of Webinar Content

SCT’s Professional Development Program is the Gold Standard!

SCT’s Professional Development Program: designed for consultants by a consultant.

SCT is pleased to present a Professional Development Program we call “The Performance Accelerator”. We use this name because the program is designed to increase the performance of attendees, and in so doing, increase the performance of the operation or office.

Each of the training webinars is briefly described below.

Business Development Basics Webinar B1

  • Learn how SCT’s unique Compleat Marketing Model, a multi-dimensional approach to marketing, will greatly boost your marketing results.
  • How to apply the four fundamental concepts of marketing
  • How to use the four fundamental concepts of sales
  • Why building your personal brand is a hidden secret to consulting success!
  • How to use education as a way to position you as the expert!
  • The value proposition: few consultants understand it, few consultants reap the benefits!
  • The Sales Letter Success Equation….a formula for sales success almost every time!
  • The important of reducing purchase anxiety and how to do it!
  • Learn the six key business development strategies and thirty business development tactics
  • Learn the twelve things every client wants from you, and you must provide them to earn their trust and confidence

Business Development Systems Webinar B2

  • Discover the valuable benefits of taking a systems approach to sales and marketing
  • An effective business development system that will dramatically improve your results
  • Learn the language of “systemthink” and use it to drastically improve the consistency and predictability of your business development efforts
  • How to create a laser focus on your target market sector
  • The best formula for creating a compelling marketing message
  • Learn how to build an effective lead generation process for your business
  • Discover the little known sales technique called “magic bait”
  • A step-by-step guide for converting leads to clients
  • How to apply a nurturing process to build strong client relationships
  • Learn why “systematizing” your proposal process yields better results

The Psychology of Persuasion Webinar B3

  • Use marketing psychology to dramatically increase your sales results
  • The amazing sales process that still works eighty years later
  • How to apply SCT’s Influence Model to get prospects to buy from you. Learn the real reason why prospects will select your offering
  • Learn exactly how to persuade by increasing desire for your offering and increasing conviction on the part of your prospect.
  • Revolutionize your marketing with SCT’s Emotional Marketing Process….a step-by-step guide to persuasion
  • Fifteen mental triggers that will literally force your prospects to act upon your proposal in your favor almost every time
  • How to use The Law of Reciprocity to motivate your prospects to take action!
  • Influence magnets: why they make such a difference in client relationships
  • Learn the how to get personality into your copy and watch your proposal win rate soar ever higher

Key Client Strategies Webinar B4

  • Why typecasting your clients will expand your revenues
  • What actions will deepen your client relationships fast!
  • How to measure the actual depth of your relationships with your clients
  • How to use client feedback interviews as your best marketing technique!
  • Reach the pinnacle of client relationships – client loyalty – with these techniques!
  • Why implementing a Key Client Program can optimize returns from these clients
  • How the 2X Client Strategy can explode your results in double time!
  • Take client planning to the next level with the Strategic Client Planning process!

The Proposal Preparation Webinar B6

  • How to employ Dan’s unique and strategic (not to mention amazing) Proposal Success Equation to improve your proposals
  • Why reducing purchase anxiety is so critical, yet often ignored in proposals
  • Using your value proposition to uncover key win strategies
  • Why the sequence of presenting subjects in your proposal can make all the difference!
  • When to hold’em and when to fold’em: the Go No-go Decision
  • Strategies for crafting the winning proposal
  • The proposal outline: a line-by-line analysis for optimizing each section of your proposal
  • How to justify high rates or high cost
  • How to give the impression that your cost is lower
  • The last step in the proposal process: so important, but almost always ignored!

Presentation Preparation Webinar B7

  • How the Consultant’s Presentation Success Equation can boost your presentations
  • Learn how to gain the attention of your audience and keep it!
  • Four presentation problems you want to avoid!
  • Ten really helpful suggestions to improve presentation mechanics
  • Learn the three key active listening triggers that will make your audience pay attention!
  • Learn a presentation technique developed in 1967 that still produces the most successful presentations!
  • Discover the value of the protopresentation
  • Twenty suggestions to make practice perfect!
  • How to avoid the dreaded attention-deficit syndrome!
  • Six ways to keep your audience fully engaged in your presentation

The Basics of Client Service Webinar C1

  • Twelve things every customer wants from you first
  • Why prospects will engage you…and not tell you the reason!
  • Six reasons why clients will not buy from you!
  • Twenty questions for your client that will greatly enhance your relationship with them
  • Twelve “unstated” needs your clients have you need to know, but they won’t tell you about them
  • Learn the Stop & Look Client Checkup
  • Ten questions that will advance your client relationship every time!
  • How to make the Client Expectations Pyramid work for you
  • Strategies for obtaining really valuable performance feedback from your clients
  • What you need to know to run a really effective meeting with your client

Innovation & Project Management Webinar C2

  • What you need to know about the two types of innovative thinking processes
  • Questioning techniques that will accelerate innovation of new services
  • Discover the power of ideation in consulting applications
  • Learn how the Project Management Framework can feed better client relations
  • How to uncover project-related problems before they become a real problem!
  • The one project management task that is so important, but ignored by 80% of PM’s!

Problem Solving Webinar P1

  • Learn how to find problems “of the Second Kind”, which are most important for your business
  • Dan’s three “secret” ingredients to problem solving that make all the difference
  • Learn the “problem solver’s mindset”, the faster way to great solutions
  • The most impactful single factor in the art and science of successful problem solving
  • The three problem solving building blocks that will create a solid problem solving foundation
  • How to solve problems using the “process method”
  • The key to attain the best solutions unlocks your problem solving ability
  • The most important part of problem solving revealed, as expounded by Dr. Deming
  • Understand problem solving versus problem finding (the answer will surprise you)
  • Learn how to apply the Nine-Step Consultant’s Problem Solving Framework and significantly improve the consistency and quality of your problem solving

The Decision-making Webinar P2

  • Nine decision-making tools that will improve your decision-making ability
  • How to expand the number of alternative solutions and improve your selected solution
  • If you don’t do this first, you will not identify the optimal solution for your client’s problem
  • Learn a technique that will reveal the decision criteria you must use to solve your problem
  • How to make complex decisions using the incredible Opportunity Frontier Scatterplot
  • Manage project risks using the eight-step Risk Management Framework
  • Assess risks effortlessly with Monte Carlo simulation

The Mindset Webinar M1

  • How the Deming Philosophy influenced the creation of these webinars
  • The keys to a growth-oriented mindset, and why it is so essential to success in consulting
  • Discover why the concept called The Learning Professional is a real secret to long-term success in consulting
  • How goal setting, a much ignored activity, influences the success of your business and life
  • Using the power of focus to expand your business
  • The long-term benefits of continuous improvement and mastery
  • The critical role of creativity in consulting success
  • How the Consultant’s Cycle of Success can create a powerful success-oriented and growth-oriented mindset
  • Learn the amazing power of intention, and how it can significantly improve your performance at work and home
  • A few really simple habits that will transform your ability to succeed in consulting

Fascination Difference Advantage System – Webinar F1

  • Learn how others understand you when you communicate with them
  • Learn the three key differences that will make you stand out from your competition in proposals, sales letters, and presentations
  • How to craft impactful marketing messages (they fascinate)
  • What to say in a proposal to a client that will fascinate them
  • How to create your own personal brand that will greatly improve your marketing success
  • How to conduct performance appraisals that are win-win for employee and Supervisor
  • How to make hiring decisions that will help your firm and will be virtually error-proof