The Mini Professional Development Program

When I was Operations Manager of a large consulting office and Division Manager of another office, I held all-hands meetings often and staff meetings every Monday morning. I always ended these meetings with a brief training on a selected subject. The staff appreciated these trainings, because over time, their skills, knowledge, and confidence increased.

Therefore, we are offering a “Mini Professional Development Program” that consists of a series of video trainings that address the same four major topics we address through our webinars. The only difference is that each video is short (10-15 minutes). We suggest a new video be delivered bi-weekly, giving sufficient time for staff to consume and internalize each video. Over a year, twenty-six videos will add up to many hours of training.

In addition, we can produce videos on any topic requested. We provide unlimited email access to your staff involved in this program to get questions answered. If desired, we can provide live Go To Meeting sessions to discuss the contents of the videos and include additional training.

The advantage of this program is that you don’t need to get a group together on a regular basis, although we strongly suggest that management holds periodic meetings with the trainees to ensure that learning is converted to application..

The video here is a typical “lesson”.