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Communicating with Impact is a Critical Skill Today!

Introduction to the Fascination Difference Advantage System

Successful Consultant Training is a certified affiliate for Sally Hogshead's Fascination Advantage SystemR. We apply this system to engineering consultants.

Everyone communicates with a unique set of “difference advantages”. You will add distinct value when you communicate with these advantages.

Think of these Advantages like a natural strength. When you communicate using these Advantages, you get more attention, earn more interest in you and your service offerings, make more sales, and collect more revenue. It is just that simple.

Now, for the first time, you can measure exactly how to communicate in a way that adds unique value. You might be familiar with assessments such as Myers-Briggs® or StrengthsFinder. This is different. Totally different. This Communication Assessment doesn’t measure how you see the world...but how the world sees you… the world understands and interprets what you say.

When you learn your Difference Advantages, and then apply them in your communication, you create your own personal brand….a powerful way to market yourself and your service offerings.

The Fascination Difference Advantage System is a very different approach to marketing. Traditional marketing is based upon what you say to a prospect. Fascination has little to do with what you say, and everything to do with what you inspire others to say about you.

How you communicate becomes your core marketing advantage. You become more influential. You are more persuasive. You build rapport faster. Your confidence expands.

To grow your business, you don't have to change who you are.

In fact, quite the opposite. You must become more of who you already are.

The Seven Ways to Add Value

Every person you work with, colleagues, subordinates, and clients, use the seven advantages of fascination. These advantages help us influence others. When you get the results of the Fascination Communication Assessment, you will know which communication advantage will enable you to influence your colleagues, prospects, and clients. Furthermore, when you identify the primary advantage of your client, you are more likely to connect with them and motivate them.

Marketing is all about being different, not better.

 Your communication style is the greatest differentiator that you have.

The Fascination Communication Assessment has been administered to over 600,000 business people around the world, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. That is a great database.

Your primary and secondary communication advantages define your communication archetype, one of 49 archetypes, shown in the figure below. Your archetype identifies the highest and best use of your other words, how to use your communication style to attract attention, create interest, and  influence people, and as a result, sell services more effectively to your prospects and clients.

A Testimonial

Let me give you a testimonial....mine. When I took the Fascination Communication Assessment (it only requires a few minutes) I was very skeptical to say the least. However, when I saw the results and discussed them with a couple associates, I was stunned. I've been in business for almost 40 years, so I thought I "knew myself". First, the Assessment perfectly described my communication style, as it relates to my business behavior. That was a surprise. But that's not all. The Assessment provides you with a Communication Profile that provides a number of "adjectives" that describe how you add value (and much more). Some of these were obvious to me. However, others gave me new insights into how I should be selling services to my prospects and clients. In summary, the Communication Profile will give you new ways to market your services. You will become a more effective marketer just by being yourself!
The more your staff understands and celebrates each person's highest value, the more likely employees are to give more of that value.

How to Use Fascination Assessments

You can use the Fascination Communication Assessments in a number of ways, including helping make your own marketing more effective; making a project team or client team more effective; making selling to a specific prospect or client more effective based upon their personality; motivating your employees; and making better hiring decisions.

Fascination Communication Assessments for Your Staff

As we discussed above, using Fascination Communication Assessments will help you and your staff with marketing and just communicating with your clients (and get more follow-on work!). Even introverted technical staff who are not typically good marketers will become more effective in marketing. Your good seller-doers will become significantly more effective immediately. Your marketers will improve, too.

You need to make sure that each one of your staff is performing at his or her highest value, but the way in which they contribute value is going to be unique to their communication style. This is where the Communication Profile comes in. By helping your staff discover and understand what makes them fascinating, you can help them sell more, manage better, and thrive in the workplace.

For example, employees with the Alarm Advantage need more structure, such as a clear role and a plan to follow. They are very rational and are always looking for possible negative consequences of actions. Alarm personalities are very good at HR, billing, word processing, and project management.

On the other hand, Mystique communication advantage dislike structure, and they don't tend to share a lot. They like make decisions on their own, rather than in a team environment.  They are independent workers. Engineers and scientists are typically Mystique communicators.

When you know the communication advantages of your staff, you can play into their unique strengths in order to get the most out of them, and ultimately for you and your office. As a leader, you can motivate your employees in a way that is congruent with how they provide the highest value. When you motivate this way, it sends a strong, positive signal that you are interested  in helping your staff be more successful. You set them up for success.

Selling to Your Prospects and Clients

Now here is a real clever use of the Fascination Communication Assessments. Assume that you are proposing on a large opportunity. You have met with the prospect, and even entertained him. Now you can assess your prospect's personality and fit them into the most applicable Fascination Communication Advantage, or even better, fit them into the most appropriate Fascination Communication Archetype. That will give you truly unique insights into how to sell to them that will blow away your competition!

Use the Archetype Matrix for Hiring Decisions

Fascination principles can help you make hiring decisions. One suggestion is to look at the adjectives in the Communication Archetype Matrix (shown in the figure above). Then determine which archetypes you want in your business. 

For example, consider the adjectives for the Mystique advantage. They include observant, intellectual, unemotional, self-sufficient, precise, independent. Many engineers fit this profile. However, if you are looking for someone with high energy and optimism (maybe for marketing), then you need someone with the Passion Advantage.

You will make optimal hiring decisions when you ask candidates to take the Communication Assessment.

In Closing

Everyone wants to learn more about themselves and everyone wants to learn how to provide the highest value. Learning how to fascinate is easy and quick, and you will see results almost immediately.

So, don't delay! Sign up your key staff, or even better, your entire staff (they will love it!). Each person will receive an in-depth 15-page analysis of their personality. In addition, I will present a live one-hour Go To Meeting training to you and your staff that will show everyone how to use the Assessment Profiles to dramatically increase effectiveness in marketing and communication in general. And, the whole process is fun!

If you would like to know more, just ask me for a Demo presentation via the Go To Meeting platform. Commit to a Demo, and you will receive a complementary Communication Assessment. Furthermore, I will interpret the results for you!

The greatest way to empower someone is to show them their highest value.

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