Dan’s Biography

Dan Predpall, P.E. Founder and President of Successful Consultant Training

Founder and President of Successful Consultant Training

Founder and President

One of the most important things that ever happened to me began, improbably, in a statistics class. The course was taught by W. Edwards Deming, one of the most remarkable men of the 20th Century. When he became my mentor he was one of the most influential and successful consultants in the world, having, among many triumphs, dramatically revolutionized the manufacturing cultures in bothJapanandAmerica. What I learned from him changed the direction of my life. His kindness, generosity and the thousands of lives he helped transform for the better continue to inspire me. After 35 years of consulting, I want share what I’ve learned, to give back by making a positive difference in the lives and careers of as many people as I possibly can. One of the principles Mr. Deming emphasized over and over is the importance of a commitment to “continuous learning.” I say it like this: “continuous learning is the best path to prosperity.” I’ve spent decades learning the best practices in consulting practice, and I’m ready, willing and able to teach them to others. One thing I’ve loved about consulting is that the learning never stops. Consulting has provided me with success, flexibility, freedom and self-respect. If you’re thinking about consulting or you’re already consulting and want to learn how to be better at it, I can help you get where you want to go. I’ve created my own companies and worked for some of the biggest and most successful consulting companies in the world. I’ve traveled the world helping clients make intelligent, informed choices and undertake good and important projects. I’ve pursued the higher calling of consulting and improved people’s lives. I’m particularly proud of my work with Pacific Valley LLC, a developer of distributed solar energy facilities, and Community Assets Consulting, which consults about corporate responsibility, sustainability, and environmental fund development. I’ve contributed to the development of a lot of megawatts of solar-powered electricity at home and around the world. I founded Successful Consulting Training to teach others how to start a lucrative career as an independent consultant, create a better lifestyle, and reap the rewards from helping other people improve their lives.

  • B.S. Physics and Electrical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • M.S. Physical Oceanography, Long Island University
  • MBA Quantitative Analysis, New York University
  • Advisor/Mentor: Dr. Edwards Deming
  • 35 years of experience in consulting
  • Leading expert in site selection for power generation facilities and solar energy development
  • Former senior executive of a multi-billion dollar consulting-engineering firm
  • Founded several small development firms and sole proprietorships
  • President, Southeast Solar & Power LLC